A bite of: Grilled Kale

Tapas Bar is one of my favourite restaurants in Victoria, and one of the more unique items on the menu is grilled kale. I recently tried to recreate the recipe at home, and the results were surprisingly good!  I took a large bunch of kale and sliced it into thin strips, I then drizzled two tablespoons of olive oil and two tablespoons of balsamic vinegar and put the mixture in a 8×8 square inch baking. I broiled the kale for approximately five minutes until it was crispy and then sprinkled the mixture with sea salt. It was fresh and crunchy. The perfect summer side dish.


5 thoughts on “A bite of: Grilled Kale

  1. Wow! That sounds spectacular. I’ve been meaning to cook with kale for awhile but have been intimidated. Maybe this is the push I need!

  2. Oh my Gosh! This is my favourite Kale by far. So you know what their recipe is? It is the grilled kale recipe out of Vij’s first cookbook. I went and found it and made it and sure enough, same flavours. Love it with a steak or even on its own, fabulous. If you do not have Vij’s two cookbooks, definitely worth getting!

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