Grandma Gwen’s Fruit Pizza

To celebrate my cousin Levi’s birthday, I decided to opt for the non-cake route. I figured she’d had 21 birthdays with cake, why not try one without? Instead I made a family favourite in the Gogolinski household, fruit pizza.

If you’re ever responsible for bringing a dessert to event, or you want to make life-long friends, bring this dessert. It only takes about 20 minutes to prepare and it is the perfect blend of light, fresh fruit and with a creamy center.

Here’s the recipe:

Preheat oven to 350F.

For the crust, mix 1/2 cup butter, 1/4 cup icing sugar, 1 cup flour together, and press into a pizza pan. Bake for 8 minutes and allow to cool.

For the filling, cream togeter 1 – 8oz package of cream cheese, 1/3 cup sugar, and 2 tsp of vanilla. Spread this mixture over the cooled crust.

For the topping, chop up a selection of mixed fruits. I used kiwis, strawberries and blueberries but pinapple and blackberries work well too.

For the glaze, in a saucepan combine 2 tbsp cornstarch, 1 cup pineapple juice and 1/2 cup sugar, cook until thick and smooth. Cool and pour over the fruit.


4 thoughts on “Grandma Gwen’s Fruit Pizza

  1. Instead of a flour “dough” I would suggest using ground up graham crackers instead of flour.

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